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Helpie FAQ

  • Curing Tips
    The reason you don’t see much information on curing time is because there are so many variables.  Differences in room temperature and humidity will change the duration needed. Also, the type of jig and how carefully the jig is handles will change how much time is needed. NPV needs between 3 and 10 minutes before the jig can be removed from the vane. The actual 100% cure can take days in cooler temps but is usually ready to shoot within 24 hours.  A warmer room may lessen the cure time to 8 hours.
    Wood shafts are ideal for NPV cement since there usually there are no release agents used in manufacturing of the shaft. Sometimes using a very fine wet and dry sandpaper just on the contact area of the vanes and shaft is a good idea followed by rubbing alcohol to remove any dust.  A little trial and error is the best method to get off to a good start.
  • Setting Flat-band Power

    We go about flat-band power settings differently from the rest of the industry. What we use is percentage of stack. Stack is the length at which the bands can no longer stretch. At anchor we like about 70% to 80 % of stack. In rough terms this means stack would happen about 3 to 5 inches past your anchor point. Shooting in this range generally gives one the best of both accuracy and longevity but it can be a little fickle. Sometimes this sweet spot varies with the slingshot model and ammo so we recommend experimenting. You may find your ideal power setting is 65% or 75% or it may be related to the model your shooting. The bottom line is to trust your instincts and you will know when the bands are just right.

  • What is the difference between the VUDU™ and VUDU-X™?
    Both are excellent systems and use the same piston and dampening technology. The VUDU-X™ is designed to replace string stops that are attached to the bow by a carbon rod while the VUDU™ uses an aluminum linkage to mount from the bows cable slide rod. The VUDU™ can also be attached via an array of optional rods from the bows bottom rear port or even the front stabilizer port and also has a X-Link™ option for additional reach side to side.  Which is right for you depends on if your bow has a string dampener mounted on a carbon rod and and your particular mounting needs.