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The Saunders Firing-Line™ release trainer is both popular on the circuit and in pro shops. It strikes the perfect balance being both a compact tool and and an essential training aid. (Release not included). Choose firing-line draw weight, to roughly equal the let off weight of your bow. Our best seller, by far is the 25-28#.

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Release Aid Trainer & Checker Firing-Line™ is the ultimate training tool for archers. So compact, it stows in a brief case…perfect for practicing anywhere, anytime. With quick draw-length adjustment, this firing-line bow trainer great for warming up, tuning a release or muscles. Even better, it can overcome everyone’s nemesis…target panic. Never worry about throwing an arrow…just aim the archery release trainer and practice the perfect release, time-after-time. With each smooth and quiet shot you burn-in muscle memory so when its the real thing, you burn the x-ring or the kill zone. Adjusts from 32 3/8 inch to 24 inch draw length. The optional three pound weight set gives you the feel of your bow. Firing-Line…The place to practice. (Release not included).

Additional information

Weight 18.4 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 2 in
Draw Weight

10-16 Pounds, 25-28 Pounds, 35-37 Pounds

2 reviews for Firing-Line™

  1. George Hardin (verified owner)

    I had a shoulder flare up last November. I searched and decided to purchase the firing line and the pull bands.omg has this put me back on my game.i started out and couldn’t even pull 60 pounds at I’m at 72 pounds and executing my shots 100 percent this folks.they both work.i use them everyday for 15 minutes.thats all it takes.thanks Saunders for giving me my archery back.

  2. Kenneth Osborne (verified owner)

    What a brilliant quality training aid !
    The ideal & only compound bow simulator I would recommend.
    I use a Scott hinge release & don’ t know how I have existed until now without the Firing Line .

    • CSadmin (verified owner)


      Thank you for the kind comments…very much appreciated. It is a great tool and perfect for all ages, all shooting levels.

      Chuck Saunders

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