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With more features than any of our wrist braced models the Falcon-X™ is fine tuned to be the ultimate in a precision shooting platform. Recommended ammo is 44 caliber steel and Clod-Poppers clay.  Note: If gifting more than one Falcon-X™ (young teenage grandchildren come to mind) consider adding Gems™ and matching Color Guards™ to make each a unique set.


The Saunders Falcon-X™ slingshot is our flagship wrist brace-type slingshot, beautifully designed for comfort and shooting precision. An elegant blend of science and psychology, the Falcon-X™ features an ergonomic design that distributes pressure across it’s unique, archery-style platform and minimizes “human input” that undermines shooting accuracy. The Falcon X™’s palm plate and bail guard promotes a relaxed, natural grip for any size hand, and the bail guard puts the inexperienced shooter at ease while mastering the sport. In the hands of a skilled enthusiast, the Falcon-X™ frees them from the limitations and restraints of more traditional shooting platforms–concern over grip, shooter’s input (torque and rotation), and fatigue. The wrist brace-type slingshot comes in a beautiful presentation case. Recommended ammo for this slingshot with wrist support is 44 caliber steel and Clod-Poppers™ clay. Optional Pipper™ fiber optic sight and Spin-Trap™ Target available.

SLINGSHOTS: Slingshots, slingshot ammo and slingshot supplies cannot be shipped to the following states, or cities: Delaware: (Wilmington) – Florida: (St. Augustine) – Georgia: (Athens-Clarke) – Illinois: (Evergreen Park, Niles, Washington) – Missouri: (St. Louis) – New Jersey – New York: (New York City)

Only wrist-braced slingshots are illegal. – Massachusetts – Minnesota: (Duluth) – Ohio: (Columbus) – Pennsylvania: (Philadelphia) – Rhode Island – South Carolina: (Charleston) – Tennessee: (Knoxville & Johnson City) – Utah: (Salt Lake County) – Virginia: (Falls Church) – Wisconsin: (Madison) — New York– Australia

Note: Not sure about your location?… Call your local mart if they sell slingshots you can order.

The recommended ammunition for the Falcon-X™ is 44 cal steel and Clod-Poppers™ clay ammo.


Additional information

Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in

11 reviews for FALCON-X™

  1. Billy Tucker (verified owner)

    Takes a lot of the effort out of hitting the target, especially with the sight installed. I am very impressed with the Falcon X! Well worth the investment. Tks.

  2. Steve T (verified owner)

    Not this one. Yet. I bought a Saunders Falcon 40 years ago. It was incredible then, but the plastic piece that holds the rubber tubing is degraded into pieces now. I’m very excited to see the company is still producing them, and interested to see how they’ve advanced. If the new is as good as the old, it’s not worth five stars, it’s worth ten!

  3. Phil Oslund (verified owner)

    I received the original wrist-rocket (similar to the SR7) back in the mid 70’s. Its been a faithful companion but I desired something more. I spent some time on the Saunder’s site and decided on the Falcon-X. I purchased a package & it arrived quickly. I can safely say that the Falcon-X does not disappoint! Assembly is instinctive as well as laid out in the manual. In 10 minutes you’re ready to shoot. Clod-poppers are a lot of fun & amazingly accurate! The .44 steel is a comfortable ammo for the Falcon; I’m thinking the .50 cal steel will be my next ammo purchase. I just swapped the Black Mamba bands for Striker bands. going shooting in the morning.

    Saunder’s continues to provide top quality products at affordable prices. If one takes advantage of “kit” pricing, one gets one’s best deal. Awkward, but descriptive; apologies. I will continue to expand my adventure into the world of flat bands with Saunder’s & only Saunder’s.

  4. Dean Hudran (verified owner)

    The falcon-x slingshot is well built and easy to assemble. With the 50 caliber steel ammo I was able to put 5 shots on a 2 inch circle at 15 yards. I am new to the world of slingshots and I am impressed with how easy it is to aim instinctively with this setup. I have some groundhogs that are causing problems in my garden, and with the Stryker bands the 50 cal ammo is generating 20 FPE. With a well placed shot I believe it could be a viable and humane small game and pest control option. Good job Saunders!!

  5. Michael Wells (verified owner)

    I have several slingshots, many of which came from Saunders, including my first wrist rocket purchased over 50 years ago! The Falcon-X is the one that owns the category “If I could only keep one”. It is excellent!!

  6. Richard Kennedy (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Falcon X for a few weeks it’s a awesome slingshot. Fun to shoot. Had a slingshot as a kid. These are nothing like that one.

  7. Ruben Padilla (verified owner)

    i stand corrected and admire the fact that you gave credit where credit was due. i wish to point out that i will never again try to shoot “birds in flight” or any other living creature. every time i did filled my heart with sadness and remorse, not the jubilation most hunters feel when they successfully bag their game. today i get that rush and feeling of happiness every time i manage to put a cannonball (40 or 50mm steel round) through the center of a soda can. i’m curious about the “Wing”. does it take the same size round(s) as the falcon x and how else does it compare or differ? i’m also interested in knowing when the counter balance system will be available for the falcon x. the innovative designs your company is putting out have me very intrigued.

    • CSadmin (verified owner)

      I understand how you feel and have similar stories of my youth.

      The Wing does use the same size ammo but is a totally unique shooting experience. You don’t hold the Wing… it floats on the tips of you fingers. I prefer the 44 cal steel for target with bands set to about 80% stack. Having said that for plinking I love shooting Clod-Poppers. For safety sake treat them as if they are steel ammo but there are many things you can shoot without damaging the target… thick steel signs for example. They will break bottles so don’t shoot glass objects or something where one can get bounce backs or ricochets. Always use safety glasses! Have fun… Chuck

  8. Ruben Padilla (verified owner)

    I received my first wrist rocket as a gift when i was just a boy about 14 years of age. i was hooked, target practicing for hours on end whenever life on the farm afforded me the opportunity to do so. i developed to a point that i could literally take down birds in flight. today i’m 69 years old, retired and recently rediscovered the joy of shooting and target practicing with a slingshot. problem is i couldn’t find a slingshot that worked for me. there are so many to choose from but every one i purchased had a fault in one way or another. then i read about the falcon x and decided to add yet another slingshot to my growing collection. once i got it set up and started firing a few rounds i knew this was the slingshot i had been serchimg for. I absolutely love it. comfortable, accurate, powerful and oh so beautiful. I can’t put it down. i feel like a kid again. i have a way to go before i master the art as i did during my younger days but i know enough to recognize that this is the slingshot that will make me the deadly accurate professional i once was. a few of my childhood friends and their kids are now wanting to purchase this slingshot. Kudos to Mr. Saunders who i just found out actually invented the wrist rocket slingshot. Mr Saunders you knocked it out of the park with the falcon x. but please stop! Im getting the itch to try out some of your latest creations. i can’t imagine anything topping this falcon x but it would be foolish of me to underestimate the inventor of the wrist rocket. Thank you Mr. Saunders for making my retirement a whole lot funner.

    • CSadmin (verified owner)

      Ruben- Thanks so much for the kind comments. I too grew up loving to shoot the first Wrist-Rocket®. It was my father who brought this to market. Actually it was a joint effort between my father and older brother who came up with the trademark and developed the automated forming machinery, and Mark Ellenburg who came up with the basic bent wire design. The models and innovations after that where my father’s designs. I’m 71 now and living my childhood dreams of pushing the technological envelope of precision shooting Wrist-Rockets®. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing how these units unleash the potential of so many shooter. Slingshot enthusiast share a common bond. We all enjoy this simple machine and share in the endless challenges and enjoyment it brings. All the best,…

      Always wear safety glasses, shoot safe, honorably and well,

      Chuck Saunders

  9. chuck saunders (verified owner)

    Dear Chuck,

    Your new Clod Popper sling shot ammo is excellent fun and surprisingly accurate.

    I sent you one of the two spray paint can caps that I knocked the center out of in the first shot at 40′. Only your Falcon-X with your Piper fiber optic sight and my new arm brace adjustable pad has allowed me to reach this level of accuracy. I’ve been shooting sling shots for 50 years and finally now I’m seeing consistent tack driving hits.

    Your sling shots make me feel like an Olympic Champion.

    Thank you for being the best for so many years,

    Joseph C. Upstate New York

    • CSadmin (verified owner)


      Thank you. We set this testimonial to show up under both Clod-Poppers and the Falcon-X since it covered both. I have your paint cap in my office… keep up the great shooting!

      Chuck Saunders

  10. Ricky Setzer (verified owner)

    This wrist rocket rocks! As a kid I had a few but this thing is actually accurate and you can hit your target. Definitely will be making more purchases for gift and my son also.

    • CSadmin (verified owner)


      Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. I love the Falcon-X too it is such a stable and easy shooting platform. Please stay in touch we would love to know how your pursuit of the sport goes for both you and your son. I love to to help fellow enthusiast so don’t hesitate contacting me if needed.

      Always wear safety glasses, shoot safe honorably and well,
      Chuck Saunders

  11. Craig A (verified owner)

    The falcon x is extremely fun to shoot. It is also incredibly fast and accurate . I highly recommend this wrist rocket.

    • CSadmin (verified owner)


      Thanks for the review. We will be producing lots of videos and one of the next will be on setting power. We are always interested in your input so please don’t hesitate contacting us even if it is just to share some of you shooting experiences.

      Always wear safety glasses, shoot safe honorably and well,
      Chuck Saunders

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  • Setting Flat-band Power

    We go about flat-band power settings differently from the rest of the industry. What we use is percentage of stack. Stack is the length at which the bands can no longer stretch. At anchor we like about 70% to 80 % of stack. In rough terms this means stack would happen about 3 to 5 inches past your anchor point. Shooting in this range generally gives one the best of both accuracy and longevity but it can be a little fickle. Sometimes this sweet spot varies with the slingshot model and ammo so we recommend experimenting. You may find your ideal power setting is 65% or 75% or it may be related to the model your shooting. The bottom line is to trust your instincts and you will know when the bands are just right.

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