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Pro-X™ | Wrist-Rocket®


The Pro-X™ is a long range predator. At the top of the food chain this monster delivers a high energy wallop when others fall far short then folds into its own smooth shell. Recommended ammo is 44 caliber steel and Clod-Poppers.


Saunders introduced the world’s first wrist-braced slingshot in 1954…the Wrist-Rocket®. Today our fastest and hardest hitting long-reach slingshot is the Pro-X.  Loaded with formidable features this superbly crafted precision shooting machine has no equal in the field or on the range. For extra speed and accuracy we use a patented super light, self-centering pouch and patented twin power bands. The bands have a unique double taper for exceptional speed and durable. Should the power need adjusting or bands need replacing our patented band lock system makes it quick and easy.  This is one fast, smooth slingshot that packs a big punch yet folds away into a stealthy shell, ready to stow away or hang on a wall. Comes with wrist tether, Black-Mambabands, ammo gauge and sample 44 cal steel and Clod-Popper ammo Available options: Pipper™ fiber optic sight, Counter Balance Stabilizer and Spin-Trap™ Target. Recommended ammo is 44 caliber steel and Clod-Poppers clay. The Pro-X weighs 526 grams. Made in the U.S.A.

SLINGSHOTS: Slingshots, slingshot ammo and slingshot supplies cannot be shipped to the following states, or cities: Delaware: (Dover & Wilmington) – Florida: (St. Augustine) – Georgia: (Athens-Clarke) – Illinois: (Evergreen Park) – New Jersey – New York: Only wrist-braced slingshots are illegal. – Massachusetts – Minnesota: (Duluth) – Missouri: (St. Louis) – Ohio: (Columbus) – Pennsylvania: (Philadelphia) – Rhode Island – South Carolina: (Charleston) – Tennessee: (Knoxville & Johnson City) – Utah: (Salt Lake County) – Virginia: (Falls Church) – Wisconsin: (Madison) – and Australia



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Weight21.6 oz
Dimensions11 × 6 × 3.5 in


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  • Flatband Tips

    Ways to tune and increase flatband performance

  • Setting Flat-band Power

    We go about flat-band power settings differently from the rest of the industry. What we use is percentage of stack. Stack is the length at which the bands can no longer stretch. At anchor we like about 70% to 80 % of stack. In rough terms this means stack would happen about 3 to 5 inches past your anchor point. Shooting in this range generally gives one the best of both accuracy and longevity but it can be a little fickle. Sometimes this sweet spot varies with the slingshot model and ammo so we recommend experimenting. You may find your ideal power setting is 65% or 75% or it may be related to the model your shooting. The bottom line is to trust your instincts and you will know when the bands are just right.

  • Getting Started

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