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The Spin-Trap collapses for quick setup and storage and comes with carrying case for easy transport.


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The Spin-Trap’s bullseye spins and bounces unpredictably when hit making the reaction from each shot a pleasant surprise for both shooter and spectator. The catapult slingshot target-box traps ammo and collapses for quick setup and storage.  When open it stands 32″,  25″ wide and 25″ deep making it perfect for beginners and experts.  Comes with carrying case for easy transport. This catch box for slingshots is tough, durable, and a great addition for home or range.

Recommended for steel. not glass ammo.

Additional information

Weight 161 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 36 in

8 reviews for Spin-Trap™

  1. John Venturino (verified owner)

    I can’t wait til the 3rd of July so I can buy the Pro X foldable wrist slingshot pack.

  2. John s (verified owner)

    Its really good the best one iv found so far

  3. Cory K (verified owner)

    If you need a catchbox and target for your slingshot, you won’t do better than the Spin-Trap, in my opinion. You get what you pay for, and this is one wicked sweet setup. I’m shooting 7/16” steel with a heavy bandset, and the Spin-Trap swallows them like candy. Plus, it’s super portable and comes with a carrying case! Definitely a solid, solid piece of equipment!

  4. Alexander Avery (verified owner)

    Finally, a catch box that isn’t actually annoying. For the price, it’s exceedingly well-built and assembled. I’m impressed with the professionalism and creativity of this company.

  5. Larrdawg (verified owner)

    I am a woodworker and made a few catch boxes from ideas on the internet. I cant tell you how happy i am i finally bought this one from saunderslll I take it on camping trips or wherever and love the set up and how well it works. Honestly, every time I shoot into it I’m SO glad I bought it. if your serious about shooting don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

  6. robert sepolen (verified owner)

    my favorite matchbox so far. and the most convenient. I have tried others and they were okay. but this one will travel with me when camping. we have a lot of wind and this one stays upright. I have another type that I use for shooting chest height but this one gets the use.

    • CSadmin (verified owner)

      Thanks Robert. We designed the Spin-Trap for American shooters. The catch box is big enough for proficient shooters at 30 yards which also makes it great for those who are just starting out.

      All the best,

      Chuck Saunders

  7. Terry Scott (verified owner)

    Great catch box! Easy to set up, and great for taking on outings to shoot. Very well built, and will last for years. Spin target adds excitement every time you hit in the center. A+++++++ to Saunders for another Great Quality Product!

  8. Tim (verified owner)

    Quick to set up and fold down into carrying bag. Durable material I expect will last a long time. I’ve shot a few hundred rounds into it so far. It’s a great target to catch and save your steel ammo.

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