Flat Bands


Precision twin tapered flat bands with self-centering pouch.

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Flat band power bands for Wrist-Rocket® flat band models.  All our flat bands come with twin band double tapered bands for greater efficiency and speed plus our accurate, easy loading pouch the HVPC (Hyper-Velocity Posi-Center pouch). The Black Mamba™ are our standard medium power bands. The Stryker™ bands are high power and extra durable. Please note that Stryker™ bands are too thick to be used with the Pipper™ sight. TNT™ bands are natural bands and are currently our fastest bands available.

Additional information

Weight1.6 oz
Dimensions3 × 3.5 × 1 in

Black Mamba™, TNT™, Stryker™


One band set, Three band set

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