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Power Pull™


With both multiple draw resistance and bow simulating weight options the Power Pull™ has become the choice of both archers, trainers and health professionals. The unit comes with light (purple) and medium (yellow) bands. Shown in the picture with the light (purple) and heavy (green) bands.

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Power Pull™ archery release trainer is an upper Body Conditioner. Don’t wait till the hunting or tournament season to get in shape. Build stronger back, arms and chest muscles in the first week with Saunders’ archery shot trainer. Pull one band high reps for improving muscle tone or two bands to increase muscle mass (two bands pull about 70# at 31″). It comes with or without weights. The bow simulation weights make the unit comparable to your fully equipped bow. The archery bow trainer is easy to take on a trip or to use to relax at work. Recommended by rehab specialist. The unit comes with the light (purple) and medium (yellow) bands. Picture is shown with the light (purple) and heavy (green) bands. Need to upgrade your Power Pull™? We have resistance trainer replacement bands available.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 2.5 in

Without weights, With weights