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NPV™ Cement


Our proprietary nock, point and vane NPV adhesive formula is used by arrow manufacturers the world over.

This fletching cement can only be shipped via USPS retail ground or UPS due to hazardous goods classification.


Many years back, when it was first introduced, Saunders would refer to a “bathtub test” in which they took a tub of water and several arrows fletched with NPV and competitors adhesives and see how the others fletching came loose. Today NPV is still considered the best and most advanced nock and vane cement in the archery industry.  Saunders NPV™ Arrow Mate Cement, an all purpose adhesive for household and shop use, works well in damp or freezing conditions. 1 oz Tube

Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in

1-1oz tube, 24/Bulk, 144/Case, 1-16oz Bottle

  • Curing Tips
    The reason you don’t see much information on curing time is because there are so many variables.  Differences in room temperature and humidity will change the duration needed. Also, the type of jig and how carefully the jig is handles will change how much time is needed. NPV needs between 3 and 10 minutes before the jig can be removed from the vane. The actual 100% cure can take days in cooler temps but is usually ready to shoot within 24 hours.  A warmer room may lessen the cure time to 8 hours.
    Wood shafts are ideal for NPV cement since there usually there are no release agents used in manufacturing of the shaft. Sometimes using a very fine wet and dry sandpaper just on the contact area of the vanes and shaft is a good idea followed by rubbing alcohol to remove any dust.  A little trial and error is the best method to get off to a good start.