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Saunders introduced the world’s first wrist-braced slingshot in 1954, the Wrist-Rocket®. The first Wrist-Rocket® was revolutionary: it incorporated a wrist brace to transfer the forces twisting the wrist to the forearm while shooting. By countering the torque created by pulling the bands with a brace, the Wrist-Rocket® allowed for a steadier, more accurate shot.

Decades later, Saunders’ Wrist-Rocket® slingshots has evolved, but Saunders remains a major innovator in the slingshot industry. We offer several models of both tubular and flat band pro slingshots that are built with the same careful construction and thoughtful design as the very first Wrist Rocket®. Today, Saunders’ innovation has been awarded more patents than any other pro slingshot manufacturer in the world. The Wrist-Rocket team is honored to hold this title, and we have no intention of giving it up.

From the Falcon-X, which offers more features than any other Wrist-Rocket®, to the Pro-X, our amazingly powerful long-range pro slingshot, Saunders has continued to push the boundaries of what slingshots can do. And if you prefer to shoot old-school, don’t forget our SR7 Saunders Wrist-Rocket® slingshot is there for you with Saunders’ original tubular bands and classic design.

No matter what you like to shoot, Saunders has you covered.