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Cable Slides

Saunders Archery has a long cable slide history. We invented the roller style slide in 1985. Called the All Roller Slide it filled a niche since existing slides would squeak and jump on the cable guard rod.  One year later in 1986 Saunders introduced the 6×6 which had six rollers.
As bows changed so did the slide. By 1990 many bows needed a new geometry and to accommodate this Saunders introduced its next generation the 4×4. Re-tuned and renamed the Cable Roller Slide in 1991 this was the last of the open frame designs.
In 1993 Saunders introduced its first enclosed slide called the Kwik Slide which still had a total of four rollers. The bow manufacturers pushed for greater speed and in 1997 Saunders introduced the all-new Fast Slide which had one roller for the rod and two for the cables this was our lightest and our fastest slide at that time. In 2003 we introduced the Fast Slide Pro which had an added advantage of clipping together to capture the cables while the main housing was on the cable rod.
Today the Hyper Glide is a totally new generation of slide which combines the advantages of the industry’s most advanced roller and cable cradle.  The roller incorporates a silicone O-ring giving it the quietest and smoothest action on the market while our new super slick sintered technology reduces cable friction and wear dramatically.