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Approximately 12 mm Clod-Poppers™  the funnest shooting slingshot ammo are environmentally friendly, vaporize upon impact. Perfect for any Wrist-Rocket!

They make great gifts… go ahead and share the fun.

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Clod-Poppers™ are literally a blast. They vaporize in a cloud of dust leaving behind an impact crater so precise you can keep score and so much fun you will want to shoot them just to blast things.  The residue is environmentally friendly,  biodegradable and washes away with the next rain. They fly amazingly accurate and pack a wallop. Perfect for back woods plinking or target practice.  Please treat them as any ammo.  Clod-Poppers™ are approximately 12 mm and have a bright, polished finish. Like any ammo they can ricochet and bounce off objects so always wear safety glasses and know where your ammo will land. Clod-Poppers… the preferred ammo of aliens and other carbon based life forms and the perfect complement to any Wrist-Rocket™ order.  Click here to learn more of the unique story of this biodegradable slingshot ammo.


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5 reviews for Clod-Poppers™

  1. owen (verified owner)

    these clod poppers are simply amazing.. so glad i got the big box, the story on the side made me laugh out loud.

    (this was my choice of ammo purchase for my first slingshot and that story was like a “welcome to the community” – class!)

    .. now I’m poppin’ clods all day long!!*

    added bonus – so easy to clean any popped clods from walls or whatever surface you’re aiming them at

    simply excellent, thank you for an awesome product!

    * can see these guys developing into cult status

  2. Marc B. Tull (verified owner)

    Conceptually, we should all shoot clay ammo. It is environmentally friendly, safe for kids, and fork hits won’t harm your slingshot. Unfortunately, most clay ammo is inconsistent in size and shape, too light to shoot accurately, and covered in clay dust which dries out your bands. Clay ammo often breaks after a few shots and sometimes disintegrates on release, launching irregular clay chunks in random directions.

    Enter the Clod-Poppers!

    Saunders’ Clod-Poppers is the preeminent clay ammo. It is consistently sized and perfectly spherical. It is weight-matched with Saunders’ bands (or the DIY equivalent) and flies with unerring accuracy. Its 1/2” diameter makes it easy to handle. Coated with a hard shell, (they remind me of Whoppers Malted Milk Balls) it is dust-free. As long as you do not hit one Clop-Popper with another (it is that accurate), Clod-Poppers can be shot repeatedly into a catch box.

    Clod-Poppers really shine outdoors. When a Clod-Popper hits a hard surface, it impacts with a satisfying smack and then disintegrates in a cloud of dust, leaving clay residue on the hard surface. Clod-Poppers are ideal for roving, field courses, and targets of opportunity. I heard from a very reliable source that zombies have a deep aversion to Clod-Poppers. (As well they should!)

    The only downside is running out of Clod-Poppers. Given the reasonable price, and the quantity discount – order the large size.

    Highly recommended.

  3. Matt Stadler (verified owner)

    Clod-poppers are wonderful for plinking in the back yard at various objects with no dangers of ricochets and the like. I pop things like flower pots, trees, fence posts or whatever suits my liking. I also use them with the spin trap and a lot of them will survive the impact with the trap and can be reused. It will depend on how you hit it. The spin trap is also a wonderful product that really saves ammo.

  4. Chuck Saunders (verified owner)

    Dear Chuck,

    Your new Clod Popper sling shot ammo is excellent fun and surprisingly accurate.

    I sent you one of the two spray paint can caps that I knocked the center out of in the first shot at 40′. Only your Falcon-X with your Piper fiber optic sight and my new arm brace adjustable pad has allowed me to reach this level of accuracy. I’ve been shooting sling shots for 50 years and finally now I’m seeing consistent tack driving hits.

    Your sling shots make me feel like an Olympic Champion.

    Thank you for being the best for so many years,

    Joseph C. Upstate New York

    • CSadmin (verified owner)


      Thank you. We set this testimonial to show up under both Clod-Poppers and the Falcon-X since it covered both. I have your paint cap in my office… keep up the great shooting!

      Chuck Saunders

  5. Mel (verified owner)

    An excellent choice – not to replace, but to complement steel balls. Whenever I go out, some of those are in my pocket along with the slingshot…on shorter ranges, their accuracy is just that of a steel ball. Instead of bouncing back, these clay balls burst and give a nice visible dust cloud, and a mud dimple that indicates the impact. They allow me shots which would be reckless with steel ammo – snipe leaves from a tree, shoot cans at the edge of a road, shoot flower pots in the backyard. Get the big box, you will love them 🙂

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