Quality Archery Products For The Enthusiast
""I received my Pro yesterday and was able to shoot it a bit today. I have to tell you that I love it! Thank you again for all your help answering all my questions. This slingshot is amazing, it almost feels like your shooting a bow, when you shoot. I am sure this is going to help out accuracy by quite a lot. I can't say enough good things about it, I will end by saying I am now the envy of all my friends at work!""
John G.

"The package arrived promptly and the problem was exactly what you said: that 50 cal ammo worked like a charm, and it's definitely the easiest to pull and most powerful slingshot I've ever used. I love those new bands as well. I consider myself a convert! Now I'm really excited about that fiberoptic sight you mentioned, and I've started constructing one of those targets you sent me a link to. Thank you for all your help ... I'm pleasantly amazed to discover a company in the 21st century that will go out of its way to help one customer with a problem. I guess you can do that when you know your product really is a great one."
B. Moses, Missouri

"Sir: Your products' performance is phenomenal. I've never shot a slingshot before purchasing the Pro, and within three dozen rounds I had achieved a 90% accuracy hitting a 3" target at 10 yards, and 6" at 20 yards. When I switched to the "X" (a leading competitor's model with a fold away fiber optic sight) and expended about 300 rounds, I've only been able to reach about 30% accuracy at 10 yards. *** The proviso is, only after I placed a tiny strip of pink duct tape on the base of the fiber-optic sight to make target alignment along the "Yaw" axis possible. Received the Falcon-2 several days ago, and within a dozen rounds I've acheived 70% accuracy hitting a 3" target at 10 yards. What was truly uncanny was hitting the bulls-eye with the very first two rounds, and not really concerning myself with the mechanics of shooting. Subsequent shots formed a larger group as I started working on proper mechanics with the Falcon-2. The major difference in the inherent accuracy between the "X" (other brand) and your products, I believe, is the velocity. The "X" is capable of hitting the bulls-eye, but everything regarding shooting mechanics must be perfect. The Saunders, because they operate at a higher velocity, is far more forgiving of errors made by the shooter. Too, I like the fact that I can "call" the shots on the Pro and Falcon-2 due to errors on my part, but I'm unable to "call" these shots with the "X". Your products makes allowances for operator error, yet at the same time can tell me what my mistakes are (faster learning curve). Truly superior products. I e-mailed two friends to tell them about your slingshots, and to convince them of the need to own one (Saunders). The Falcon-2 is very ergonomically designed; upon initially aiming the slingshot, it felt like it was a part of my arm. Per your suggestion, the bands on all your slingshots have been adjusted to provide about 80% of its maximum pulled length. I noted they still have far more impact (about 4 times more) than did the "X". As soon as the sighting system for the Falcon-2 becomes available on you website I will be purchasing them. Thank-you for your products. Yours truly,"
J. Ding, - Texas

"I want to personally thank you for the quality slingshots and slingshot accessories you produce. Your products are the best on the market. Your inclusion of flat band wrist rockets with the easy attachment system has taken the sport forward by leaps and bounds. Thank you."
R. Kovecses

"Until I received the Saunders Falcon-2 Wrist-Rocket Slingshots, I had been shooting B....'s C... with tubing bands and I thought life was good. Well, life got a whole lot better with the Falcon-2 Wrist-Rockets. The speed increased significantly with less effort and I began to consistently hit targets in the 60 to 70 feet range with 1/2" White Tracers. I am 65 and life is good!... You have created a well designed and accurate slingshot. The quick-snap band replacement system is well thought out and makes band replacement and adjustments a simple task. If a beginner started out with a Saunders Falcon-2 Wrist-Rocket Slingshot, they would be hooked on the sport for life. The product is that good. ... After reading your recommendations, I have added the Pipper sight and 50 Cal steel ammo to my Christmas list. I agree that it is all about technique and form consistency. When I make a mistake, I amaze myself how quickly I can increase my IQ. I really enjoy the feeling when it all comes together. Thanks,"
D. Marks, Florida

"Speaking of our flatbands: "I love your pouches and have tried many. For me yours are the most comfortable and accurate.""
P. Goodmurphy