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Steel Flatband Ammo


Precision ground tournament grade calibrated to optimize accuracy on our high performance flatbands. Now featuring our new 44 caliber rounds.

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These precision steel ammo calibers optimize accuracy on the new series of HVPCflatbands. Each round is precision ground tournament grade and has no flat-spots. 44 caliber is the fastest and best value. 50 caliber is the best choice for hunting. Note: 38 and smaller ammo is not recommended for use on our HVPC™ flatbands.

Additional information

Steel Size

25 caliber, 38 caliber, 44 caliber, 50 caliber


25 pk, 40 pk, 100 pk, 150 pk, 245 pk, 250 pk, 270 box, 334 pk, 370 pk, 600 pk, 850 pk, 2125 pk

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    Ways to tune and increase flatband performance

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