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NEW VUDU-X Adjustable 5/16" Carbon Rod Mount

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NEW VUDU-X Adjustable 5/16" Carbon Rod Mount

New sleek unit replaces your carbon rod dampener with VUDU technology. TECHNOLOGY'S BLACK MAGIC...... Saunders invented the industry's first string dampener in 1997...The Deadly-Quiet™. The patented design absorbed excess string energy, helped get the arrow off the string faster to increase arrow speed and kept the string path aligned. Many have copied these concepts but all suffer from one common ailment - noise from repeated string slaps after the arrow leaves. You've probably seen high speed video of these dramatic oscillations. VUDU™ traps the string in the pistons recoil chamber, eliminates multiple resonant strikes and absorbs residual energy from the bow. Other string stops cannot make these claims. The NEW Adjustable 5/16" Mt. VUDU-X™ works on any bow using the 5/16" carbon rod. Rod length is 8-1/4" and can be shortened for perfect fit.

Price: $59.95