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Saunders carries two types of Wrist-Rocket® slingshot replacement bands: Flat bands and tubular bands. Flat bands and tubular bands each have a distinct feel.

Flat bands pull easier and offer a faster shot than tubular bands. All Saunders’ flat bands come with a unique double taper and twin band per side design. Both features provide greater efficiency and speed.

Our flatbands also come with the HVPC, an easy loading, self-centering pouch. We carry a variety of replacement slingshot flat band models for you to choose from, including The Black Mamba™, Stryker™, and TNT™ bands.  Stryker™ bands will be more powerful and durable, TNT bands offer incomparable speed, and Black Mamba™ provide the best balance of power and durability.

Tubular bands, on the other hand, excel in longevity. Our matched high-power slingshot tubing will keep your traditional Wrist-Rocket shooting beautifully for years to come. Saunders’ tubular slingshot bands are true to our original ground-breaking design. They come in a U.V. protective tube which preserves the tubular bands and keeps them straight and kink free. Our tubular bands also come with our super tough self-centering pouch.