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Most archers take string dampeners for granted and many younger archers have never seen a compound bow without a string dampener.  But where did all of this begin? The answer is Saunders. In 2001 Saunders introduced the first compound bow string dampener.  Called the Deadly Quiet it was a dynamic deadener which used a piston within a foam dampening chamber to absorb much of the excess energy left over after the shot.

It helped get the arrow off the string quicker which increased arrow speed plus it’s dampening help bows keep in tune. All sounds good but there was a problem. The harmonics in the bow limbs lifted the string and repeatedly hit up to a dozen times. Each of these strikes is excess noise and we knew we needed a paradigm shift in the design. That paradigm shift came in the form of the VUDU dampener and its total deadening is almost black magic.