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Arm Guards

Saunders first armguard was introduced 1957.  In 1965 we invented the ventilated plastic armguard.  Since then our armguards are more comfortable, easier to attach and now come in a great selection of colors. Today, though copied, there is still no match to these tough time proven designs.

The Diamond Defender™ is designed for hunters.  The guard does not absorb human scent and is large enough to keep loose sleeves in close.  The open design blends with any camo pattern, is cool, comfortable, lightweight and will not curl or crack. Hooks latch easily and quietly, it’s durable, washable and the choice of the serious hunters everywhere.

The On-Guard™ is a compact open design, cool, comfortable and at home on the line or on the range. Will not curl or crack. Quick-hook adjustable elastic.