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The original SACO was a blunt dueling target developed by Saunders Archery in the 70’s. Standing over six foot tall this new form of target debuted in the 1975 at Las Vegas tournament.  SACO’s first major tournament was the Speed Round shot in Las Vegas in the late 1970s. This SACO stood over 6 feet tall and was a complex structure using springs, over-center cams and was composed of hundreds of steel, plastic and rubber parts.

Today’s SACO models are a streamlined and refined design using a patented arm brake that automatically adjust for the speed and kinetic energy of impact so that virtually any weight of bow can be used by the competitors or even an archer can compete against a Wrist-Rocket enthusiast.

Our newest model SACO-G is configured for the Genesis bow so NASP shooters can practice on this exciting target platform without switching to blunts. Both standard blunt and Genesis bow and arrows style main arm and components comes fully assembled. While the rear support frame and optional stand assemble in minutes. Comes complete with fully illustrated instructions and a list of exciting games to ensure lots of SACO excitement for both shooters and spectators.