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Development of the Spin-Trap™

The Spin-Trap™ was developed to be the world’s premier slingshot target. Not only did it have to be tough and durable it also had to look great in any home or range. It had to be big enough for a novice to start close to ensure getting off to a good start or an experienced shooters to use at over 30 meters. All this and it had to fold quickly and compactly to stow, take on a family outing or to the base camp.

Building this slingshot target box tough means more than taking thousands of 50 cal rounds from our high power high velocity Wrist-Rocket® Pro-X™ or taking countless hours of harsh sunlight and punishing rain. It means the Spin-Trap™ can be folded, unfolded, stowed, transported and shot at so many times you loose track and still look so great you are proud to show to friends. In short the Spin-Trap™ was developed to be more than a great target. It was designed to be part of your family, friends and, most importantly, to be the catalyst of many great memories.