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Clod-Poppers™: A Brief Slingshot Ammo History

The history of Clod-Popper™ ammo is interesting and we wanted to share it…

Since the 50’s teenage aliens have buzzed local yokels in their intergalactic jalopies while blasting objects from open ports then zoom off. It seems their favorite ammo vaporizes upon impact. No one has ever found proof of these mischievous encounters, that is until…

A few years ago when one of our engineers discovered the wreckage of a space craft. The alien pilot was nowhere to be found but In the wreckage were several Quandra-band blaster and some strange ammunition. He took the blasters and ammo and tucked it away in his car moments before an area 51 special ops team swooped in and carried off the rest of the wreckage.

Over the years we have been able to reverse engineer the advanced technology of their blasters but that is another story for another day. The big news is we have finally been able to reproduce the vaporizing ammo.

We call them…Clod-Poppers

and they are literally out of this world fun to shoot.