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Slingshot Magazine Reviews Wrist-Rockets®

Saunders Archery’s Wrist-Rockets® ROCK!
Courtesy of Slingshot World Magazine:
by Adam Rayner14th March 2020

Saunders Archery contacted us just as we were getting finalised on issue three of Slingshot World magazine. Saunders are a serious outfit who make well engineered…

Development of the Spin-Trap™

The Spin-Trap™ was developed to be the world’s premier slingshot target. Not only did it have to be tough and durable it also had to look great in any home or range. It had to be big…

Clod-Poppers™: A Brief Slingshot Ammo History

The history of Clod-Popper™ ammo is interesting and we wanted to share it…
Since the 50’s teenage aliens have buzzed local yokels in their intergalactic jalopies while blasting objects from open ports then zoom off. It seems their…